Poker Cheats

There are several major advantages of playing poker online but the one that sticks out like a sore thumb is the fact that there is a lot less cheating going on online than offline.

Online poker software companies and poker rooms go to great lengths to ensure that their poker gaming systems are beyond reproach and are completely safe and secure, this allows online poker players to be confident that they are receiving a far and honest game.

Below we will take a look at some of the ways poker cheats in the offline world operate and can relieve the unwary play of his or her bankroll!

Cheating at Poker - Card Mechanic

You may have seen a magician doing all manner of card tricks, and this is what a good card mechanic can do, he can make cards be dealt that ensure he always has a winning hand by manipulating the suffle when it is his turn to deal, and often this manipulation is totally undetectable.

Cheating at Poker - Paper Player

A so called paper player will mark the cards as the game progresses, and by doing so in no time at all he will know what cards all his opponents are holding, which means he has a massive advantage over all his fellow poker players.

Cheating at Poker - Hand Mucking

Hand mucking is the term given to two or more players who will swap cards between their hands without their opponents noticing, this takes a lot of skill and slieght of hand, but once mastered can prove very profitable for the poker cheats.

Fair Poker Games

If you get paranoid about being taken for a ride when playing poker then ensure you only play at our featured poker sites, each one uses secure random number generators to ensure every card dealt is random and can never be read.

Safe and Secure Poker Site

If you want to make sure you are always getting a fair and honest game then visit our showcased poker site that is Bodog Poker This great casino was established in 1994 and has built up a solid reputation amongst poker players.

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