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Texas Hold'em is the best and certainly the most popular poker game played online today, it allows for between two and ten players to play against each other and it can be a fast and furious game.

To get a game started then a big blind bet must be placed this is a obligatory bet made "blind", which is made before any players gets his or her cards. The player who is to the left of the dealer posts the Small Blind which is half of the full bet. The player to his left then posts the Big Blind which is a full bet.

The two "hole" cards dealt to each player, face down are dealt first and these are the Pocket cards. After this round is what is called the Flop in which the first three communal cards are dealt into the middle of the table face up.

Next is the Turn in which the fourth communal card is dealt after this round of betting then the River card is dealt which is the fifth ommunal card.

There is a Dealer button which determines the player in the dealing position for each hand. This player will always be last one to act in the hand. Then after each game the button moves from player to player in a clockwise direction.

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Where To Play Online Poker

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