Poker Rules

When you sit down to play poker the most common and certainly the most popular poker variant is Texas Hold Em. This game takes nerves of steel, a sprinkling of luck and an abundance of skill. Below is an easy to follow guide pertaining to the rules and terminology of the game.

Poker Rules - Terminology

Blind Bet - This is an obligatory bet made "blind", which each player must make once during a cycle of the poker table. It is always made before you get your cards, the purpose of which is to get the action going.

The player to the dealer's left is required to post the Small Blind which is half the amount of the full bet, and the player to his left then posts the Big Blind which is a full bet as stated on the table stake levels board.

Pocket - This is the two hole cards which are always dealt to each player, face down.

Flop - This is simply the first three communal cards which are always dealt face up in the middle of the poker table.

Turn - This is the fourth communal card dealt just like the first three, face up in the middle of the poker table.

River - This is the fifth and last communal card dealt.

Button/Buck/Puck - This is important and is simply a disc with the word "dealer" on it which determines the player in the dealing position for that particular hand. This player by virtue of the deal will always be the last one to act in the hand. The button will then continue to move from player to player in a clockwise direction after each hand is dealt.

Poker Rules - Betting Rounds

To start a game - In Texas Hold'em, the game will only commence started after the two players to the left of the dealer have posted both a Big Blind and a Small Blind bet (see above), the value being determined by the stakes of the game.

Once this has been done then the dealer issues/deals two pocket cards to each player. The betting will then start with the player to the left of the Big Blind. Due to the blinds being bets and not antes, then players are not allowed check in the first betting round, they have to either fold, call or raise.

Second Round - After the first round has concluded then three cards will be dealt by the dealer face up on the table. These cards can be used by all players. Betting is then able to start with the first player who has decided to stay in the game, to the left of the dealer button and they may either check or bet.

Third Round For the third round, a fourth card will then dealtby the dealer and another round of betting ensues.

Fourth Round A final communal card will be dealt, and this card is often referred too as the river card, and once dealt it is followed by another round of betting.

Players must then use both of their two pocket cards and any three of the five communal cards to create the best five-card hand possible, with the winner taking the entire pot.

Should two or more players finish the game with the same winning hand the pot is split equally between them

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