Poker Strategy

Learning the best way to play poker is only part of what makes a good poker player. You won't instantly sit down to play for the first time and be a professional player, but with a little know how and experience you will, over time get better and better.

Below we will take a look at several different qualities that should enable you to become a better player, but remember that it is practice that makes perfect, along with a little luck of course!

Money Management

There is a saying and that is, as long as you have a chip and a chair you have a chance, and this is oh so important when it comes to money management. Never forget that those chips in front of you have a monetary value and it is your hard earned cash you are laying on the line.

One mistake a novice poker player will make is to play every hand that is dealt to them, this is a sure fire way to the soup kitchen, so never, ever be tempted to play every hand as you won't win and will soon bust out.

Solid Poker Strategy

If you have ever watched poker on the television and seen the big name players who seem to win every hand they play then you should know that it is only due to them knowing many poker strategy concepts that combine to help them consistently being a winning player.

The following are critical to anyone wanting or wishing to learn a first class poker strategy:

Tight play - The tighter you play the less chance your opponent has to read you and know what you are up to!

Aggressive play - The more aggressive you play the better chance you have of scaring off a less seasoned player, but be aware an experienced player will gobble you up if you constantly bluff via playing aggressively.

Random play - Changing your playing style constantly will without a doubt drive your opponents mad, more so if they are trying to read you. So one valuable tip is to keep changing the way you play poker both online and offline.

Taking advantage of your opponents mistakes - The more you play the more you will see some really simple mistakes being made by your opponents, taking advantage of these mistakes can help you become not only the chip leader but also a long term winner.

Experience Pays

The more you play the more experience you will get under your belt and this is invaluable when playing poker, so the best tip is to keep playing even if you are playing for fun as you will soon realise the way opponents play and get to be a much better player.

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